E.C.U. Repair

Electronic Control Units and Diagnosis

  • Repair, flashing and cloning electronic control units like Engine ECU, BSI, EWS, CAS (Car Access System), BDC, FEM, FRM, BCU, CEM, Dashboards, etc…
  • Engine control module replacement – replacement of defective control unit with a used control unit for following ECU’s: D62M57A0, D62M57B0, D60PSA0, D50M57A0, D50M57E1, D60M47A0, D60M57A0, MEV9N46L, ME9N45, ME9N62, ME9E65_6, N73_L0, N73_R0, ME9N62_2, MSV70, MS450DS0, N62_TUE, N62_TUE2, MSV80, MSD80, MSD81, MSD85, MSD85Y, MSS60, MEVD176K, ME17N45, MED17_2, MED17_2N, MEV17_2, MEV17N46, MEVD174K, MEVD174KW, MV1722, MVD1722, MEVD172, MEVD1724, MEVD1725, MEVD172Y, MEVD17KW, D70N47A0, D70N47B0, D71N47A0, D71N47B0, D71N47C0, D71N47D0, D72N47A0, D72N47B0, D73N47A0, D73N57A0, D73N57B0, D73N57C0, D73N57D0, EDC17C41, EDC17C45, EDC17CP09
    BMW F series: MEVD172Y, MEVD172, MEVD1724, MEVD1725, N63TU_L0, N63TU_R0, S63TU_L0, S63TU_R0, EDC17CP49, EDC17CP50, EDC17C76
  • BMW EWS/CAS to DME, DDE synchronization, fault code – EWS tampered
  • Repair of light module for BMW E39, when the main beam freezes (usually the right)
  • BMW-Mini FRM3 Repair, some common faults on the BMW 1 Series E87 , BMW 3 Series E9x or BMW X5 E70 or Mini R56:                                        – lights not working
    – windows not working or going down
    – indicators not working
    – lights on all the time
  • Volvo S40 2004-2009, V50 2004-2009, C30 CEM-ECU-ABS repair and synchronization with SID803 and EDC16C34 motor, with fault code on ECM – C326 Control module communication missing
  • Volvo 1999-2017 CEM cloning
  • Volvo C30 2009-2011, CEM repair and synchronization with SID807
  • Repair of the ICM panel Volvo XC90 (Radio / Stereo) when suddenly shut down or be difficult to get started, the display goes off and it gets quiet in speakers
  • Volvo S40 / V40 1998-2004 with low beam problems, one or two half-light does not light up when starting the car
  • Mercedes – Start Error – repair
  • Toyota Raw4 ECU -00 -03 2.0 l with automatic transmission when gearbox gears strange
  • BMW ABS-DSC-DTC with fault 5E20 hydraulic pressure sensor internal, on BMW 1 series (E87) and 3 series (E9x)
  • ABS/TRACS Volvo V70/S70 -00 ATE/Mark20 9472100 98W517 Fault code 0070 -Pump engine, faulty signal or Wheel sensors
  • ABS/TRACS Volvo 850 ATE Controller with faults on wheel sensors very often Right Rear or Pump engine, faulty signal
  • Bosch ABS control module 5.3 and 5.7 on AUDI, VW, Saab, BMW, etc. year models are around -97 – 03. The typical error description is that the ABS and traction control lights directly when starting the car and then continue to shine and can’t get in touch with ABS control unit with a diagnostic tool
  • Mercedes SBC repairs for fault code C249F, OPERATING TIME OF COMPONENT is EXCEEDED (SBC HYDRAULIC UNIT).
  • Unlocking CD’s, DVD’s, navigations for cars
  • Repair BMW MK4 Navigation, following type of failures:

                                                                                                 – problems with reading the map-disk

                                                                                                 – does not read any map-disk

                                                                                                 – does not eject the map-disk

                                                                                                 – the unit does not boot

                                                                                                 – blank screen in the front

  • Replacing CAS/FEM/BDC (including key transferring from original to the donor)
  • BMW E series EGS ISN matching with CAS
  • BMW F series EGS 8HP EWS Resetting
  • BMW E,  F and G series coding for all Ecus
  • Repair Audi Navigation Plus system, the failure of these is that the display goes out, it may flicker sometimes, but finally goes out completely
  • Professional computer diagnostics with genuine diagnostic tools for BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, Audi, VW, Skoda, Seat …