Dashboard instruments

Dashboard instruments

Programming and correction – of dashboard instruments installed in vehicles manufactured after 1997. We have high quality equipment that allows programming the instruments and other memories

  • Reparation of dashboard instruments – if you have corrupted data in the odometer
  • Display errors – missing dots or lines of dots in the display structure
  • Information on the display are displayed incorrectly and unreadable
  • Partial or no information is displayed after temperature changes
  • Dead or partially dead, or km suddenly change in Johnson Controls instruments on Renault Scenic II and Espace IV
  • Indicator needles do not work properly or at all
  • Speedometer of the Mercedes E-Class (W211) that sticks or not work properly
  • Speedometer of the Mercedes S-Class (W220) that back lights flashes, goes out completely or only partially illuminated
  • Faulty tank and temperature gauges on the Audi A3, A4, A6, TT
  • Faulty Audi A6 and Q7 Magneti Marelli instruments with color display 2004 -2010, the color display, or the entire instrument goes out
  • Reparation of Skoda Octavia (-98 – 01) instrument cluster, when the instrument goes off sometimes or the gauges fall down
  • Language changes and software updates to all types of Volvo instruments: Swedish, English, German, etc
  • Dead instruments on Volvo, lighting inoperative, analog feeders periodically inoperative, SRS error or 004D error code
  • On VAG group instruments, immobilizer problems, display goes out or dead instrument
  • Lighting (illumination) that goes off into the instrument on the Porsche Cayenne, VW Touareg, Mercedes S-Class and many others
  • Correct mileage, for replaced engines or swapped instruments
Dashboard 1

Dashboard 2

Dashboard 3

Dashboard 4

Dashboard 5 (Volvo)